Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Suicide Devil Lays In The Details

Sally Gardner Reed,
National Executive Director of ALTAFF
Formerly Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (FOLUSA) Libraries
109 S. 13th Street, Suite 3-N
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Dear Director Sally Reed:

I ask these questions because of the problems I have with my Big Bear Lake Liberian, Pam Heiman, and the Head of all San Bernardion County Libraries Ed Kieczykowski.

What is the policy for blocking Internet web sites/blogs Nationally?

Who can make those blocking decisions on a local level?

Please send me the official documents of those rules or laws.

How are those decisions made to block sites? By just one person for example?

Who is responsible for the nondiscrimination of the blocking of web sites/blogs?

Can or is the Patriot Act taken into consideration when such blocking of web sites/blogs takes place?

I make these requests for many reasons but one reason is because shortly after I started to complain about blocking of my web sites and email addresses to local Librarian Pam Heiman, she was promoted to regional Library Director by Head County Liberian Ed Kieczykowski. I think one reason the promotion was done because being just head of the Big Bear Lake Library was not efficient authority to block sites, so Kieczykowsky was covering for her and himself.

Kieczykowsky denied any blocking of email but refuses to answer the questons about blogs. Ask Kieczykowsky to send you a copy of his Dec. 21, 2008 letter to me. And have him ansewer the above questions to you. Please write me using U.S. mail.

This problem has led to many sleepless night because using the Library computers put “them” one step ahead of me. “Them” also refers to my county supervisor Neil Derry who is under investigation now by State Attorney General’s Office. Neil Derry’s Big Bear Lake representative is the Big Bear Lake Sheriff’s Captain’s wife. I write about them all on the blocked Library computers.

Example of just one of my older Blog Indexes:

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

This Library problem did contribute to my suicidal thinking but writing about it helps, I think. The suicide devil lays in the details.

Info. for others:
For general inquiries, please email
To reach specific staff members, please use the following:

* Sally Gardner Reed, Executive Director,
* Beth Nawalinski, Director of Marketing & Communications,
* Jillian Kalonick, Marketing/PR Specialist,
* Treina Cromarty, Administrative Assistant II,

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  1. The below web page shows, on a Government document, forgery by Mary Treloar.
    (See Appellants Appeal Form Attachment 1, page 3 of 4 heading 3-C)

    Mary Treloar worked at the Big Bear Lake library, Oct 30 2006? According to the below web page.